The DigiPals arose from an identified need for teachers to enhance their practice in the use of digital media, it was envisaged that this would:

  • Enhance the student experience and develop their digital skills;
  • Develop the confidence and expertise of teachers, trainers and assessors to design effective technology enabled learning opportunities;
  • Support teachers, trainers and assessors to work collaboratively with technical teams to deliver effective online learning;

The DigiPals act as change agents within the organisation to evoke a culture shift by working collaboratively with staff and students.

Whilst this alone can have a measurable impact on the outcomes for learners working collaboratively with partner institutions can amplify this effect. As such the DigiPals have also fostered a vision to develop outside links developing communities of practice where like minded groups can meet and drive forwards this change agenda.

To date the DigiPals have:

  • Developed IT and TEL strategies with trainee teachers;
  • Worked with more experienced colleagues via tailored CPD opportunities to implement TEL strategies in the classroom;
  • Produced how to guides in a range of formats;
  • Produced a series of ‘DigiKnow’ newsletters;
  • Produced videos to increasing student engagement with TEL;
  • Promoted the use of social media as a means increasing student engagement and enhancement.